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An 8-day /7-night splendid rest at 4* AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa in Seychelles.


Seychelles, officially the Republic of Seychelles, is made up of 155 tropical islands. The country is a spanning archipelago located in the Indian Ocean the capital

city of which is Victoria. It lies about 1,500 kilometers east of Southeast Africa. This archipelago is a destination where snow-white sandy beaches are washed by

frothy turquoise waters of the ocean where colorful coral reefs and bountiful marine life harbor. Here secret coves will allow you to live your own exceptional

Robinson Crusoe moments away from tourist accumulations and commercial noise. 

Mahe' is the busiest and the biggest out of all islands but it has its fair share of secluded bays, which are accessible only by yacht, motorboat or on foot.

Together with the nearby islands like Praslin and La Digue, Seychelles attracts a constant surge of tourists all year round.

7 Days, 6 Nights
$ 825
January - December

South Africa - Getting Closer to the Nature

The former colonial pearl of the British Empire, and the Independent Republic of South Africa in our reality- is one of the richest countries of Africa.

Here are accumulated deposits of gemstones, gold, and platinum, production of which provides South Africa with considerable income.

Touristic destinations are quite well developed - tens of qualified hotels eagerly await for their clients.

The best beaches as East London, Port Elizabeth are quite well equipped.

Travelers go to South Africa for an incredible panorama of Dragon Mountains, legendary Cape of Good Hope, for the atmosphere of numerous festivities and holidays, for an unimaginable mixture of South African traditional lifestyle, the contrast of colonial times and modernity time.

The country is very popular among American and European travelers.


Tour: Capetown (4 nights), Victoria waterfall (3 nights), Botswana Safari  Travelers go to South Africa 


8 Days, 7 Nights
$ 1650
December - December


 Zanzibar island for the majority of travelers still remains as a "Tierra Incognita", though in the last decade this destination has transformed from an African unknown outback into apopular, available and interesting resort. Zanzibar is composed of the Zanzibar Archipelago with a homonymous mainland in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 kilometers (16–31 miles)located in the North-East from Dar- Es- Salaam. The main advantages of this resort are the abundance of manmade or natural sights, rich and varied cultural heritage, carefully preserved coast, clear coastal waters and many species of marine animals. The best beaches are located in the South-East, while for entertainment and nightlife you should travel to the North. The capital of the island is Stone Town which is renowned for its ancient fortress, its own amphitheater, several mosques, a square for Slave trade and the house where legendary Freddi Mercuri was born and brought up. Zanzibar also amazes by its rich and diverse fauna. Dolphins swim up to its fabulous shores, but more curious people are awaited in the Monkey Parks and the Island of Giant turtles.

9 Days, 8 Nights
$ 2300
September - December

The Kingdom of Morocco - Feel the Spirit of the West

The city of Casablanca, the name of which in translation from Spanish means "White House", is the general economic and business center of Morocco. There is a large number of magnificent mosques and palaces, ancient streets and picturesque markets in Casablanca, the sightseeing of which will take quite a while. That is why you should start from the most interesting -  from the quarter of Medina, which stands out with its ancient atmosphere, labyrinths of curved eastern streets, white-stone buildings and, of course, colorful street vendors.


Tangier is one of the most ancient Moroccan cities located on the shores of the bay, at the feet of hills, at the boundary point where the Atlantic ocean meets the Mediterranean sea. Tangier is full of architectural attractions. In the old city- Medina, there stand the traditional white houses along the streets. There is a square of Sokko in the city center of Tangier. From Spanish, the word "sokko" is translated as a "shop" though this place is no longer a business area. There are many cafes and restaurants here where you can sit at verandas and enjoy the city view. A zone for pedestrians starts from the square, which passes through the main sights of the city and ends at Kasbah Tangier.


Fez is deemed to be the pearl of Arab culture, the religious and cultural center of Morocco. The city was founded about 1200 years ago by Idrīs I from the Idrisid dynasty. According to legend, he drew a line by a golden shovel thus marking the current borders of the city walls. It became the first capital of Morocco in the XIII-th century. Like all the other Moroccan cities, Fez is divided into two parts - the old part of Fez-el Bali and the new part of Fez-el-Jedid. The old city of Fez-el-Bali or the medina is a little bit isolated, there are many ancients graves beyond its ancient walls, that is why the new quarters of the city were built far from the medina. It is quite easy to get lost there. People say that there are about 9400 streets and lanes there. They have preserved their appearance almost unchanged. Fez-el-Bali in its turn is divided into separate districts, each of which is specialized in its typical kind of crafts.


Beni-Mellal in Morocco is a quiet and neat town far from the ocean, drown in the green of parks. This is a place where you can relax from the city hustle and bustle the hot Mediterranean sunshine of the medina of ancient imperial cities, enjoying a walk in the shade of orange and olive trees. The city walls of Beni Mellal and the kasbah of Ras-el-Ain, which was erected by the city founder- Mulay Ismail in 1688, are quite well preserved. Since then, the fortress has been restored several times. The majority of city constructions are modern. The locals prefer to have a rest in the central park where numerous leafy trees grow, waterfalls murmur and you can taste clean cool water from the source of Ain-Asserdun.


"The Red City" of Marrakech is an authentically fabulous place, markets, parks, palaces and mosques galore. The internal inspection of magnificent palaces and wandering about streets in the historical part of the city- Medina, will take you the whole day. You will feel serenity in the peaceful gardens of Majorelle or enjoy the beauties of historical mosques of the city. However, take into consideration, that only Muslims can enter the mosques for inner inspection.


Casablanca - Rabat - Tangier - Chefchaouen - Fez - Volubilis - Meknes - Ifrane - Beni Mellal - Marrakech - Essaouira - Agadir

7 Days, 6 Nights
$ 954
May - July

Egypt - Sharm- el- Sheikh

This resort city at the Red sea is considered to be a perfect destination for already more than a decade to relax and enjoy a family vacation, where you can get away from everyday routine, have endless sunbath, swim with children both in the sea at private beaches or in the swimming pools of your hotels, and all of these over the backdrop of unrealistic sea beauties. Professional animators with rhythmical music at the swimming pools, buffet and beverages, full sun-tan days will let you have a full rest.

Sharm-el-Sheikh consists of several picturesque regions, built along the coast, around the main bays. All of these mentioned regions are linked together into one Sharm by the main Peace Road.

  • Naama Bay ("The Elder's Bay»)- is the oldest and well-constructed part of Sharm-el -Sheikh where you will find endless rows of two-three line luxurious and family hotels. Further, along the entire frontline of the bay stretches a pedestrian street with numerous restaurants, shops, cafes, and discos.
  • Sharm-el-Maya is located in the South-West of the resort which is famous for having the only sandy beache in the region and the Western market, called Old Market. Here is also situated the "Old City" with an abundance of shops and cafes, and the homonymous harbor from where ships and yachts with tourists launch cruises and marine tours to the National Reserve Ras-Muhammad.
  • Sharks' Bay - is comparably a new resort zone in Sharm, that is renowned for its splendid coral reef and high-quality hotels.
  • Nabk is located several km to the North-East from Naama Bay to the directions of National Reserve "Nabk", opposite the island "Tiran". Recently it has been one of the fastest-growing regions of the resort, new and newer hotels keep being built in this area.
  • The Ras Um El Sid Bay is located not far from Naama Bay, it is famous for coral saams and the rich marine life.
7 Days, 6 Nights
$ 460
May - October
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