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Bring Your Carefree Summer Back in Snow-free Jamaica

When It is Possible to Create a Memorable Souvenir of Your Honeymoon by Combining the Exotic Trip with Adventures.

Are you sick of ordinary itineraries? Do you wish to have a strike of rum & reggae music, to gain a bamboo rafting experience, to meet lovable dolphins, fly

through the lush jungle canopy, to relax on the white sand marvelous beaches and swim in one of 4 in the world existing Luminous Lagoons of Jamaica?

This tropical country also allures fans of Bob Marley and Captain Sir Henry Morgan to switch off everyday routine for at least 8 days.

8 Days, 7 Nights
$ 1200
October - March

Rio de Janeiro and the Iguazu Waterfalls!

Rio de Janeiro - the City Where Heaven Meets the Earth.

This city has never failed to impress tourists with its modern outlook that reflects its progression through the times of yore.

The gleaming sand beaches, historic places, rainforests and hospitable attitude of the locals heartily welcomes tourists all over the world.

The symbol of the country- the marvelous Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio's carnivals with its passionate samba dancers,

the games at the famous Maracana stadium and football on the whole allure thousands of tourists yearly.

8 days/ 7 nights guaranteed flights to Brazil, 4 nights in Rio de Janeiro, 3 nights in Iguazu.

8 Days, 7 Nights
$ 775
December - December

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro - Waterfalls in Iguazu - Buenos Aires

 Rio de Janeiro (3 nights) - Waterfalls in Iguazu (2 nights) - Buenos Aires (4 nights).

It is worth attending the most spectacular Carnival in Brazil at least once in a lifetime if you are a bright festivity seeker.

This mega show leaves its spectators speechless by its endless dances of different groups and extraordinary bright costumes.

The height of some costumes reaches up to 5 meters. And it is not the most interesting thing to see here yet.

Every year Brazilian Carnival develops in the means of costumes and dances. In Rio de Janeiro a tradition of Samba school parade launches to develop.

Step by step it is getting widespread in other cities as well and especially takes roots in San Paolo. But the street Carnival has not lost its popularity so far.

Anyone who wishes can take part in it.

The start of the main Carnival is at 21:00 by local time and lasts till the afternoon.

During this time maximum of 4 Dance schools make performances on the Sambadrome track.

Every School presents about 5000 participants. The competition is scored by 40 jury board.

All the dance shows within the parade are performed down the 700 yards long Sambadrome track.

The Iguazu waterfall consists of 275 Falls of Iguazu River ranking as the largest waterfall system in the world. It is located on the border of Argentine and Brazil.

The Waterfall is surrounded by the exquisite National Park which has unique flora and fauna.

It is amazing to see the contrast between the calm and "lazy" flow of the river and the waterfall with the touchdown of its sound and furious streams from the

heights of 72 meters.

The scene of the water spraying in the halo of the rainbow spectrum is incredible.

Buenos Aires is an attractive port city. The city is the cultural and economic center of Argentina, with around 3 million people living here. Spanish, Italian, British,

German, and French influences can be experienced throughout the city’s design and cuisine. You can experience a blend of Victorian architecture and

cosmopolitan construction around the city. In Buenos Aires beautiful parks, squares, restaurants, and shops blend the European lifestyle while keeping the authenticity of Latin America.

9 Days, 8 Nights
$ 2940
February - March

Education First - Santa Barbara, The USA

Come to California to learn English in Santa Barbara which is located near amazing beaches.

Our intimate classes and experienced teachers will guarantee that you learn quickly.

You'll get plenty of practice speaking English in Santa Barbara too, where the locals are friendly and laid back.

Spend a splendid vacation while improving your speaking, listening and communicational skills being among native speakers of American English and having an average of 26

lessons of General English. Develop soft skills of dealing with representatives of various cultures and characters by learning to love, share, travel independently and explore different

countries and attractions with us.


Santa Barbara is known as the "American Riviera" and boasts a Mediterranean climate.

The School is walking distance from excellent shopping, dining, museum, and entertainment.

Spanish Colonial-style building with an outdoor courtyard.

Many outdoor activities such as surfing, biking, and hiking are available in this city.

10 Days, 9 Nights
$ 2455
July - August
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