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Following Lara Croft and the Beaches of Phuket

It is unclear whether Cambodia has become popular thanks to Angelina Jolie who is sacked by many criminals in the role of Larry Croft in Angkor or by the

Soviet Union which actively deployed USSR specialists to Campouchie at that time.

Anyway, the Hollywood star and the USSR have contributed to Cambodia to become a popular tourist destination now.

Lara promoted the fantastic Angor complex in the movie, which remains unveiled only to few. And the Soviet Union established restaurants, markets and even

founded the Sianukwil city in the ancient kingdom.

12 Days, 11 Nights
$ 1216
September - October

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small but very unique island that is situated 800 km away from the equator. Not any other country can offer a guest such a variety of interesting

things. No matter, You have arrived here on business, vacation, in expectation of excursions or something else. Regardless of the season, you get to Sri Lanka,

the impression of an endless summer and juicy colors always amaze. The main colors are three here: The azure blue sea and the high sky over it, yellow sand

on the seashores, bright-green rice plantations, darker plantations of tea bushes and palm trees. On the green background, you can see the leaves of most

extraordinary flowers of all imaginable colors and shades.

Vacation on the beaches of the Indian ocean, acquaintance with Buddist shrines, visits to national natural reserve-parks, revealing the secret of growth and

the industry of tea plantation, dealing with down-to-earth, open-hearted locals will gift you unforgettable impressions from the journey.

7 Days, 6 Nights
$ 950
December - December

Bali - Pamper Yourself!

Nusa-Dua, Bali

Bali is a real fairy tale in reality. It is a magnificent island covered with terraces of emerald green rice fields, forests of clove and cinnamon trees  strewn with fragrant flowers. Indeed, everything is fabulous here: music, paintings, dances, extraordinary temples.

The tender touch of warm oceanic water is utterly irresistible.

But the most valuable treasure of the island is - the people, incredibly beautiful and skillful who can successfully combine the reality of the 21-st century with motorbikes, internet cafes and other technology development with traditions of ancestors.

Bali is sometimes mistakenly taken for the made-up mystical island of Bali Hai by James Michener.

But that island must have been located in thousands of miles more to the South than the real Bali on which American soldiers were not deployed during the World War II and which is much more beautiful than the one depicted in the novel.  

 The price is for 2 ppl in a dbl occupancy room.

7 Days, 6 Nights
$ 1350
December - December

Biblical Israel at New Year

The Galilee- is the most northern region in Israel. Among green, blooming almond and olive hills passed the childhood, youth, and adulthood of Jesus Christ. In this town he preached, healed and found his disciples. From this town, his teachings were spread in Jerusalem and later all over the world. From the mount of Samaria, a large valley opens which is divided into two parts: western - Jezreel Valley and eastern - Harod Valley. The soil in Jezreel Valley is very fertile. It was here where in the 20th century the "Keren Kayemeth" National Fund began to buy lands from Arab sheiks.


Jerusalem is quite a unique city due to its value for millions of people in the world. The fact that the city is the cradle for three main monoethnic religions: Jewish, Christianity and Islam, attracts half of the worlds' population throughout the world. There is no other city to be compatible with Jerusalem as only this city possesses this kind of rich and unique religious and historical attraction. No wonder that millions of people yearly take tours to Jerusalem.


Bethlehem is a town administered by the Palestinian Authority on the territory of Eastern banks of the River Jordan. It is situated in the historical area of Judea, the capital city - Bethlehem is a pilgrimage and tourism center. It is located about 8 km to the South of Jerusalem and in fact borders with it. One of the oldest Christian community lives here, though in the last years the number of population drastically decreased because of emigration. The "little town" of Bethlehem, mentioned in any number of Christmas carols, attracts pilgrims worldwide on account of its description in the New Testament (and particularly the Gospels) as the Biblical birthplace of Jesus. The Church of the Nativity, one of the oldest churches in the world, was built on the place of the barn where Jesus was born. And after seeing the prophetic star in the East, the three wise men came to Bethlehem to give presents and worship Him. It was also here, where King David was born and anointed as King according to the Bible.


The Dead Sea is located at the lowest point on Earth, the surface of the Dead Sea is over 1300 feet below sea level. It borders Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. In the deepest part, it’s more than 2300 feet below sea level. The lake's Western coast belongs to Israel and is administered by the Palestinian Authority. Besides mud resorts, there is an opportunity to bath in the salty waters of the sea and take a walk in the Judean Desert. There are some historical sights in the region of the Dead Sea, including the National Park of "Qumran" where antique inscriptions and the fortress of Masada were found. The Dead sea is a drainless reservoir, that is why it has become the saltiest lake in the world with a 30% consistency of NaCl. The water of the Dead sea possesses numerous healing powers, it is especially good for people with skin disease. Around the sea is full of healing mud and sulfur springs. All of this mineral wealth has been used for medical treatments and cosmetics since ancient times. By the way, the surroundings of the Dead Sea also contain almost half of the world's Bromium reserves. It is known to have a good effect on the nervous system. So, breathe deeply.


You can't help admiring the beauties and attractions of the ancient town of Caesarea. A Roman theatre dating back to Herod the Great was found in this area. Currently, it is restored and the locals have started to hold regular concerts and performances on the stage. The tribunes of the old theatre can room about 4000 spectators. The Reef Theatre presents ruins of a luxurious Palace with a swimming pool that dates back to Roman and Byzantine periods. Archeologists have come up with a version that the pool might have been used as a rural fish market in the past.


Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel and the largest in its Northern region. Its blooming cultural center, rich history, and picturesque landscape are probably the most beautiful things in the city. Built on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, on the peak of Mount Karmel, Haifa is drowned in green wherever you glance at, everywhere you will see natural beauties of flora and fauna.


The ancient Acre located on a peninsula is one of the rare cities on the Mediterranean coast the fortress walls of which have been perfectly preserved with an exception for two breaks which are currently used for transport driveway (they were made by the British). Ancient Acre has many faces, its diverse cultural layers are almost completely preserved. Four religions left their mark and influence here: there are Jewish synagogues, wonderful churches in the Christian quarters, huge mosques as well as a garden where Bahá’u’lláh - the founder of Baha'i faith was buried.


The town of Jericho is situated in the North of the Judean Desert. This territory is administered by Palestinian Authorities on the West banks of the Jordan river about 30 km northeast of Jerusalem and 7 km west of Jordan. According to the results of archaeological investigation Jericho is considered to be one of the oldest and constantly inhabited towns in the world. People settled down here more than eight thousand years ago and never left the area since then. Nowadays, in Jericho you can see the following sights and attractions:

  •  A fortress 8400 - 7300 BC
  •  Natufian Burials
  • Ancients, biblical walls of the town dating back to the bronze age.
  • The ruins of "Winter" palaces which used to belong to the Hasmonean family and Herod the Great. You can see the ruins of thermal pools, undoubtedly, influenced by the Roman culture which highly valued King Herod.
  •  Architectural "fragments" of the Byzantine period.
  • Hittite Buildings
  • The remnants of the Hisham Palace of Hisham ibn Abd al-Mali.

Apparently, Jericho was built by people of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period, in the era of about 8000 B.C., it means that the age of the town counts 10.000 years.


The Tour Program: Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, The Dead Sea, Caesarea, Haifa, Acre, Jericho.

8 Days, 7 Nights
$ 905
December - January

Land of the Rising Sun - JAPAN

Tokyo - the capital of Japan, is the real manifestation of contrasts where European and Eastern cultures, antiquity and modernism, stone jungles and traditional temples harmonically coexist and mutually penetrating each other. This megapolis is the largest economic, political, financial, educational and cultural center of the Modern Land of the Rising Sun. Besides, Tokyo is the largest city in Japan and one of the most densely populated one in the world.


Yokohama is a typical Japanese trading port the unique appearance of which makes the city very picturesque. New companies and shopping-entertainment centers appear around the port that brings over much liveliness to the atmosphere of the city. From the 17th to the 19th century, the borders of Japan were closed to foreign merchants. A new chapter in communication with the outside world began for the country precisely from the port of Yokohama. Visitors settled in Yokohama, as a result, it became a city of foreigners, and most of the foreign cultural trends came to Japan through Yokohama.


The ancient capital of Japan - Nara, marked its 1300 anniversary in 2010. It is located in Nara Prefecture, Kansai Region. It has always been in the shadow of its more famous "neighbor" Kyoto. Because of this fact, Nara is often left out of the itinerary of those tourists who are short of time. Nevertheless, Nara is the birthplace of many significant historical places and presents its main attractions with much greater attractiveness than Kyoto.


Nikko is a tourist mecca, two hours North- West of Tokyo, at the foot of Mount Nyoho in Tochigi Prefecture. There are many historical places, entertainment, natural beauties there. Famous Futarasan, Toshogu, Rinnoji are included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list as "Temples and Shrines of Nikko". Toshogu, built at the beginning of the XVII century, is dedicated to the great shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. The world-famous images of three monkeys and a sleeping cat are also located here. During the tour, you will also find out why the carved panel with figures of wise Japanese macaques over the gates of the Shinto shrine is so popular? The sculptor of this world-renowned sculptures is Hidari Jingoro.

Tokyo - Kamakura - Yokohama - Nikko - Hakone - Kyoto -Osaka - Nara

10 Days, 9 Nights
$ 3360
March - December
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